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Chamber of Commerce

Promoting strong business in Staffordshire

Staffordshire is a county that is home to strong business across the board from household names such as Alton Towers to upcoming small businesses that everyone will remember. There are many reasons to consider Staffordshire as the place for business, and as the chamber of commerce for the county, we are dedicated to providing the right platform for business owners in the county to connect with each other and share ideas. Southern Staffordshire is the place for business men and women to come together and through our chamber of commerce, sky is the limit.

Top benefits of the Southern Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry

We reflect you: One of the benefits of being part of our chamber of commerce is we reflect everything about you and your ideals. Southern Staffordshire as a place is unique and has a distinct identity to other parts of the county. This is why as the chamber of commerce, we are targeted to reflect your needs and goals which is why the chamber actively promotes businesses in Southern Staffordshire.

Open to all: This is not a member's only club that only wants a small group of businesses and people involved – we are purely for all businesses in Southern Staffordshire regardless of whether you are a massive company with thousands of employees or if you are a new business that has big dreams. Because the chamber of commerce is open to everyone, this means we encourage fresh ideas on everything relating to businesses in Southern Staffordshire.

Events: We also have the capacity to put on new events where we actively promote the idea of Southern Staffordshire as a business hub where entrepreneurs and business people can interact in a safe environment. Networking events are extremely important and the regional focus of Southern Staffordshire means that business people in the county do not have to go further than where they live in order to connect with people.

Free information: It can be hard to come by good information without a catch. At the Southern Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, we are dedicated to furnishing business people in the district with a wide range of free business information and contacts to help them grow their businesses to the heights that they should be reaching. Always use the chamber of commerce as the first port of call for any queries regarding business in Southern Staffordshire.

Business Resources

    • Security Guards

      To find a security guard in London can sometimes be a daunting task, but going to a security company ensures that the guard has been appropriately vetted and is well suited to the job.

    • Small Laser Engraving Machines

      Desktop Laser Engravers are actually easier to use than you might think, and they can be installed almost anywhere. Unlike the big, industrial grade engravers, with this model you can simply place it on your desktop, and begin to engrave names, pictures, or logos on whatever you like. This is the ideal model for smaller business operations, where they are either going to be adding logos to small products, such as key chains, or it could even be used for creating nametags.

    • Corporate Financial Aid

      Corporate Rescue is a financial tool which can be used by any business in financial difficulty to find a way out of the pit they've found themselves in. It can help you to either turn around your business, by streamlining and finding additional funds, or it can be used to manage a controlled exit from the market.